It is imperative in today’s competitive global arena for entrepreneurs to have sound business etiquette skills. Indeed, they are an essential requirement in order for you to distinguish yourself, develop and maintain business relationships, impress investors and lenders, strengthen your business presence, project a positive, confident, professional image, and thrive in every situation with confidence.

In everything you do, your manners have a direct impact on your professional and social success.

According to Tamiko Zablith, Founder and Director of Minding Manners™, a London based consultancy, “in today’s increasingly global society, etiquette is the essential ‘soft-skill’ that often determines who becomes a leader, and who gets left behind.It is your passport to feeling at ease in any situation: from properly greeting and entertaining VIP Clients to effortlessly navigating the place setting of a formal meal.”

You have the opportunity to set yourself apart by knowing the correct way to:

  •     Properly greet a customer or partner
  •     Write a business letter
  •     Participate in an important business meeting
  •     Entertain senior execs or customers
  •     Compose a thank you note or sympathy note

Ms. Zablith suggests “you can put the anxiety of ‘not knowing what to do when’ aside, so that you can focus on the matters at hand while feeling comfortable, poised and powerful in every situation. A person who can confidently greet colleagues, handle introductions and demonstrate dining and entertaining savvy is operating from a position of strength and authority.”

For better business success be sure to mind your manners.